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The Terms and Conditions written on the webpage will manage your use of this website. A visitor needs to agree the following Terms and Conditions during the way surfing, purchasing with www.TTDTickets.com. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully as it will be applied fully and affect to your usage of this Website as well.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the Property rights and Materials contained in this website, TTDTickets or its authorizers own. Only for purposes of observing the material contained in this website the users are granted limited license. There are several restrictions for the users on this website. Such as :

Any buyer or visitor does not have any right to copy any material from the website www.TTDTickets.com . The user may download particular information only for personal     use. On any material of this website, the full copyright power lies in the hand of TTDTickets.com.

The users has no right to use any service provided by TTDTickets.com for any illegal purpose. If anyone uses any single information of this website for illegal purpose,    the authority will have the full right to take the necessary steps against him.

The user can’t publish any website material in any other media.

None can use the website in any way that is or may be damaging to this website.

None has any right to harass or abuse any service offered by TTDTickets.com.

If any person or organization breaks the above mentioned rules declared by TTDTickets.com, then the company has the full right to take legal action against that person/the organization.


Copyright of every single material used in this website belongs to TTDTickets.com only. If anyone cross the certain limitation, TTDTickets.com has the full authority to take further steps against that particular person or the organization.

No warranties

TTDTickets express no representations or warranties. Anything that is of any kind related to this website or the materials contained on this website do not demand any kind of warranty.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All rights to change the pricing and specifications from time to time are reserved to TTDTickets.com. TTDTickets.com is no event or circumstances be held liable and/or responsible for any discrepancy or inaccuracy in reporting the prices and product specifications. It includes the product description, photos, and weight/size. It will not be liable for any costs, actions, claims or demands that may arise in respect of the same.